My Story

In 1997, I set off for France to realise my dream of learning languages and soaking up a new culture – one that I was sure was going to make me more sophisticated.

I had romantic ideas about what it would be like and, of course, my mind made sure that some of those ideas stuck but I also remember crying down the phone to friends about how hard it was.

Fast forward 20 years and I still can’t shake this fascination with language and culture and all the rewards and challenges that brings.

I created E4B | English for Business in 2014 to help others move through those transitions with greater skills and a far greater sense of sophistication and grace than how I did it.

We focus on really mastering English and communication to a high business level and that includes understanding your own culture and the ones you might be living with in your new environment.

Because of my historical connection with France and current connection with the French community here in Sydney and also Melbourne, I have unique tips, tricks and tools for navigating English and living in this Anglo-dominant, multi-national business environment.

It’s a unique culture that we have here in Australia and much of what you learn will be applicable to the UK and USA too, of course.

Learning language and culture from someone who speaks your language fast-tracks our connection and helps you get to your destination faster.

My office is right in the middle of Sydney and just across the road from Alliance Française, if you need a reprieve, but easily accessible to many other cafes and great restaurants.

I look forward to meeting you soon.