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The first building block is getting the language right. Refine your vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation and grammar.


At E4French, we have unique systems for maximising your learning and continuing your own self-guided knowledge development into the future.


Understand the locals but not before understanding yourself. What can you change without losing your sense of self.


Lead your team towards a vision whether you are the CEO, a middle manager or just starting out. Leadership objectives are essential.

Speak with confidence by building your skills in a safe place of experimentation and feedback.

Speak Like an Anglophone

We work with you to improve your pronunciation and intonation to make sure you put your best foot forward with clarity.

Present with Confidence

Presenting your content in front of a crowd can be intimidating in your own language let alone in English. We get you ready to do it with confidence.

Write with Influence

Understand the environment you are in and how to write to people in a way that will have them eating up your words.

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Leonie is an excellent teacher. Her knowledge of both English and French allows her to understand the difficulties of French speakers moving to an English-speaking environment, and assist me with a variety of exercises. In addition to the verbal and written communication, English 4 French also provided some useful cultural insight into the Australian culture, which was fun and useful!

Hichem D.

Before joining English 4 French classes, I was shy and quiet in my professional life in Australia which was completely different from what my former French colleagues could tell you about me: vivacious, self-confident and talkative. When speaking English, I was afraid of being too straightforward or not finding the right words to explain complex ideas. Leonie seems to completely understand this feeling and helped me with exercises around business manners, pronunciation and some role plays. I am very grateful to English 4 French and especially Leonie for providing me with the best tutoring adapted to the French culture. I feel a lot more confident in my workplace and my colleagues have noticed the difference. I highly recommend English 4 French.

Claire L.